How it works

Here's How Vigilante Parking on the FLY Works


  • Contact us and tell us your departure date and time, and arrival date and time.
  • Stop by our office near the Missoula MT airport prior to your departure, or on the day of your departure. You’ll give us the keys to your vehicle and sign our contract.
  • We will either drop you off at the airport (which saves you a term fee), or you can park your car and we will pick it up (Missoula MT airport term fee applies).*

Check out our FAQ for commonly asked questions in regards to our business hours.

*HOURS: M-F 8am-5pm.  Sat: 9am-1pm If you have a Sunday flight we pick up your vehicle from short-term parking on Monday.  Call for details.



We then bring your vehicle back to our secure facility and park it for the duration of your trip.


Upon your return, your vehicle will be waiting for you outside the baggage claim in short term airport parking.

Services Offered by Vigilante Parking on the Fly

Complimentary Services

Driver Side Vaccum
Window Cleaning
Snow and Ice Removal
Start and Run Periodically
Dash Wipe Down

Supplemental Services

Complete Detail
Car Wash
Oil Change
Dealership or mechanic dropoff and pickup