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Vigilante Parking is an Affordable Easy alternative to Missoula airport parking

 Missoula Airport Parking with Vigilante Parking on the Fly

Vigilante Parking on the Fly ($5 per day) is an easy off-site airport parking solution for Missoula Airport Parking.  We are located just one mile from the Missoula Airport. We offer an easy alternative to long term airport parking, and short term parking.  No shuttle required!  HOW IT WORKS

Unlike Missoula airport parking, we pride ourselves in taking care of your vehicle. If your car is your “baby” then it is ours too! Save time, money, and be worry free with Vigilante Parking on the Fly. ($5 per day)

Benefits of Vigilante Parking on the fly
• You avoid paying costly Missoula airport parking fees.
• You don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting a ding or scratch in a busy parking lot.
• Your vehicle will be parked close to the baggage claim area when you return. You won’t have to haul your luggage a long distance after your flight.
• You can have your vehicle cleaned while you are away!  Detail Page
• Our friendly, fast, affordable and easy parking service eliminates one more traveling headache.
• Give our off-site airport parking service a try.  With our service you get to park your car in the most convenient lot at the Missoula Airport, but don’t have to pay the full price to do so.

Call 406-549-4111 between 8am-5pm Only to make your reservation.  We prefer as much advanced notice as possible, but can usually fit you in the same day ($8 fee applies).

Since our location is close to the Missoula Airport, we guarantee speedy service.  Try Vigilante Parking on the Fly on your next trip.  We are an easy alternative to Missoula airport parking.

Business Hours

M-F 8-5  (We are not open for after hours reservations, so call during business hours)


Our Rates

HOW It Works

Drop Off

Either we drop you off in front of the airport ticketing entrance in your vehicle, or you leave your vehicle in short term Missoula Airport parking and we pick it up.


We then bring your vehicle back to our secure facility and park it for the duration of your trip.


Upon your return, your vehicle will be waiting for you outside the baggage claim in short term airport parking.

Call Us: 1 406 549 4111