Cancellation or Delay

a. The customer shall immediately inform Vigilante of Cancellation or delay in delivering or collecting a vehicle.  (Additional fees will apply with all same day reservations depending on the notice given).  The fee for any same day change to the drop off time will be $8.

b.  All reservations are pre-paid and require a drop off date and time.  Customers that do not know their return date will be allowed to accrue additional days provided a credit card is placed on file.  Customers with an open date must give Vigilante at least 24 hours notice for drop off or an additional $8 will apply

Road Worthiness
a. The Customer shall be under a duty to ensure that their vehicle is in a road worthy condition and has valid license plates during the period Vigilante has control of that vehicle.
b. Vigilante reserves the right to refuse to operate any vehicle if there are reasonable grounds for believing that it is in an illegal or un-roadworthy condition. In such circumstances Vigilante will terminate the contract immediately and invite the Customer to make alternative arrangements at the Airport for storage of their vehicle.

Mutual Responsibility
a. While every reasonable effort shall be made to secure the safety of the customer’s vehicle, Vigilante cannot give any guarantee to this effect. The Customer should ensure that their vehicle, and the contents, has a valid certificate of insurance covering the vehicle against third party theft, damage or destruction. Failure to carry the required insurance is a breach of this agreement and Customer assumes all risk of loss to stored property that would be covered by such insurance.
b. Vigilante shall not accept liability for damage to the windshield, dents, scratches, chips, hail, punctures, or any other damage sustained to the vehicle, its contents or accessories while in transit on the public highway.
c. Vigilante will accept liability with respect to destruction or theft of the Customer vehicle where the same is proved to be caused by the negligence of Vigilante.
d. Vigilante is not responsible for loss or damage on premises arising from but not limited to: acts of God, burglary, mysterious disappearance, fire, MICE or water damage, to Customer stored property.  Vigilante will not accept liability for a reported dirty vehicle after drop off; we drive the vehicle for under 2.8 miles while you are away; Vigilante cleans vehicles rather than dirty them.

Customer agrees to remove all personal items from the vehicle prior to the appointment (INCLUDING FOOD).  Vigilante will always take the utmost care with anything left behind, but Vigilante cannot be held responsible for any items left behind.  By signing below the customer acknowledges that the customer will not hold Vigilante liable for any missing items.  

Vehicle Keys
Keys are to be dropped off in the Vigilante drop box or to the Vigilante office prior to departure.
Some vehicles do not lock when the keys are stored inside the vehicle. Customer assumes all liability for events occurring by leaving the vehicle unlocked.

Customer is responsible to pay the Airport Parking Fee upon exiting.

This is not a reservation form (Call to make reservation).

By signing below the customer agrees to everything written above.  

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