Missoula Airport Parking Costs

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When it comes to flying out of Missoula airport it is important to be prepared for Missoula airport parking costs.  Missoula Airport parking costs can be expensive if travelers do not park in the correct parking lot at Missoula Airport Parking.

Missoula Airport Parking Costs @ Missoula International Airport

Missoula Airport Parking costs $9 to $15 per day.  The Credit card lot is located North West of the airport terminal.  Travelers who use this lot will pay $8/day and have to use their credit card when leaving the parking area.  The lot is quite large, so expect a haul.  The weekly cost for the Credit card lot is $48.

The Long Term Parking lot is the largest of the lots at Missoula Airport Parking (at the airport).  The long term lot is located North of the airport terminal.  Sometimes you may get lucky and get a close spot, but be prepared for a long haul.  The weekly cost in Long Term parking is $54.

The Short Term Parking lot is the closest and most convenient lot at Missoula Airport Parking (at the airport).  The cost is $15/day, and full day term occurs at 5.5 hours.  This parking lot is for quick trips, and not recommended for long term parking.


Missoula Airport Parking Costs

Missoula Airport Parking Costs @ Vigilante Parking on the Fly

Vigilante Parking on the fly is the better Missoula Airport Parking.  At Vigilante, you save on Missoula Airport Parking Costs.  The cost for parking at Vigilante is as low as$5/day.    406-549-4111

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