Missoula Hotels near Missoula Airport vs. Vigilante Parking on the Fly

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Missoula Hotels

A number of Missoula hotels near the Missoula Airport offer free parking when you stay with them for one night.  The cost of a one night stay at a Missoula hotel can range from $100 and up, depending on the time of the year.  If a person is leaving for a week they would leave their car at the hotel while they are gone, and use the hotel shuttle to and from the airport.

Wingate Inn & Copperstone Storage

Courtesy of Wingate Inn

One Missoula Hotel, in particular that calls their service “Park n’ Fly” is the Wingate, which is on Airport Boulevard (less than a mile from the Missoula Airport).  The Wingate is one of the nicer hotels in Missoula, and a great place to stay with children because of their indoor water park.  The Wingate’s rates range from $90 and up, depending on the time of the year.  If you are taking a trip and choose to stay the night at the Wingate to “save money” there are some important things that you need to be aware of.  First, your car will not be parked at the Wingate while you are gone, but rather will be parked at Copperstone Storage which is  2.1 miles from the airport.  Copperstone Storage is a very secure storage facility, and your car will be under video surveillance the entire time you are way.

The process to have your vehicle in a secure location while you are away may not be too convenient to some travelers.  You will have to drive to Copperstone Storage, park your vehicle on their dirt lot, and then jump on the Wingate shuttle to get back to the Missoula Hotel.  Then in the morning you will board the shuttle once again to get to the airport.  When you come back you will board the Wingate shuttle again and get a ride to your car at Copperstone Storage.

If you are gone more than 7 days, the Wingate will charge you an additional $3 per day.  So now you have paid the Wingate your nightly rate of, say $110, plus $3 for parking.  A 14 day trip will cost you around $131.

The downside of using this Missoula Hotels

  • Your car may be covered in snow
  • Your car could have a dead battery
  • You have to ride a shuttle
  • You are not saving money

Missoula Airport

If you were to stay at the airport in Long Term Parking for 14 days you would pay just $108.  If you park at the airport you will have a little more convenience than using the hotel shuttle. You may still have the risk of a cold, snow covered car with a dead battery.

Vigilante Parking on the Fly is the best option that beats all the other options in Missoula!  You will not have to ride on a shuttle.  You will come back to a possibly warm and snow free car.  Our lot is paved.  We are conveniently located only 1.1 miles from the airport.  And lastly, you will save almost half the money.  The cost of your stay at Vigilante Parking will be $70.  Our facility is secure, and while you are away we keep a close eye on your vehicle.  We take care of your car.  We make sure it is snow free, vacuum driver side, and wipe the dash down.

If you are looking to save money on parking on your next vacation then the choice is clear.  Vigilante Parking on the Fly is Missoula’s Premium off-site airport parking facility.  Make your reservation today!

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