The Importance of Vehicle Detailing

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Vehicle Detailing


The price of vehicles are increasing by $1000 per year on average.  The length of ownership of vehicles has increased due to an average of 11 years of road worthiness.  Modern cars are more reliable and durable.  Paint, trim, and interior finishes on new cars are also far superior than years past.  It is important to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of your vehicle in order to protect your investment.  A full vehicle detail protects its interior and exterior components from dust, organic or chemical residues, rust, and other harmful elements out there.

Professional vehicle detailing is a process that involves deep cleaning and reconditioning of a car, using high-quality products that are specially designed for this purpose.   At Vigilante Auto Spa, we offer both interior and exterior detailing services for all types of vehicles in Northwest Montana.

Exterior Detailing Service

The purpose of detailing the outside of a vehicle is to clean the exterior components and restore its look by carefully cleaning and polishing the paint, windows, wheels, tires, chromed surfaces, and any other external parts with a variety of specialized products, depending on the area that is being detailed.

Interior Detailing Service

Many things can harm your vehicle’s interior components, so it is vital to complement your regular cleaning habits with a complete interior detailing now and then. For both detailing processes, different products are used depending on the surface’s material that is being cleaned, such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, plastic, or carbon fiber composites.

Vigilante Paring now offers complete vehicle detailing services while you are away on vacation.  Leave your car with Vigilante and return to a clean vehicle.  We can make sure that your vehicle is maintained and clean so that you can protect your investment.  Call Vigilante at 549-4111 to schedule your vehicle detail while you are away.

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