Long Term Parking and Missoula Airport

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Missoula Airport

Missoula Airport is the only airport in Missoula, MT.  Missoula Airport has 3 different parking lots:  Short term parking, long term parking, and credit express parking.  Short term Parking is the closest to the Missoula airport terminal, but it costs the most ($11/day).  When a customer parks at the airport they receive a ticket upon entering the parking lot.  When the customer arrives back they then hand the ticket to the cashier on their way out of of the airport.  It is important to remember that you will have to pay for your parking when you get back.

Long Term Parking

Long term parking is the biggest lot at the airport.  Sometimes the walk to the terminal can be quite a ways, because most of the close spots seem to be full most of the time.  During peak travel times the long term parking lot is often completely full.  The rate is $8/day.

Long Term Parking at Vigilante

Courtesy of
(Courtesy of  Map of the Parking lot at Missoula Airport.  Short term parking is the closest, and Long Term Parking would be the longest walk, but it has the most parking available out of the three lots.

Vigilante offers both short term parking and long term parking.  We consider short term parking to be any amount of days under 6 months.  Long term parking is 6 months.  With our long term parking a customer pays 6 months in advance and receives unlimited drop offs and pick ups at the Missoula Airport.  The cost is $960 for indoor and $600 for outdoor.  At Vigilante you can prepay your parking, so you will not have to remember that you still need to pay for parking when you get back.

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