Parking at Missoula International Airport

March 14, 2014 Uncategorized 0 Comments

The parking at the Missoula International Airport is usually very full, which means you will have to search a bit to find a parking spot.  Unless, you get lucky you can plan on hauling your luggage a ways to the terminal.  The cost for long-term parking at Missoula International Airport is $48 a week and $8/day for each additional day.

The best alternative to parking at Missoula International Airport is Vigilante Parking.  The cost for storing your vehicle with Vigilante is only $5/day.  If you don’t want your car to be out in the elements you can have it stored indoors for only $7/day.  We drop you off right outside the terminal, and when you arrive your vehicle is waiting for you in short-term parking.  The service is easy!  Give us a call for more information at 406-549-4111

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