Missoula Airport Parking

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What are the choices for Missoula Airport Parking

1) The Airport

The first choice for Missoula airport parking is the Missoula International Airport.  You could just leave your car at the airport while you are away from Missoula.  The rates for parking are: $8/day long term parking, $11/day short term parking, and $9/day for credit express parking.  The short term parking lot is the closest parking lot to the airport terminal.  When you enter your desired parking lot you will be given a ticket, and when you leave you pay for your parking.  Keep in mind that you will want to make sure that you don’t spend all of your money while on your trip so you can afford to get your car out of the airport.

2) Area Hotels

The second option for Missoula airport parking would be area hotels.  There are a number of hotels around the airport that offer free parking for up to 2 weeks with a night stay before or after your trip.  The Wingate is one of these hotels, and is locatedon Airport Blvd.  A nightly stay at the Wingate would be $129 on the low side and on up.  Customers would be provided with a shuttle ride to and from the airport.  The down side with this option is that you have to wait for the shuttle to pick you up.

3) Airport shuttle or taxis

The third option for Missoula airport parking is a taxi or a shuttle van.  You don’t have to worry about parking anywhere with either of these.  You just have to ride in a cramped vehicle and go straight home when you get back from your vacation.

Vigilante is Missoula Airport Parking .com

Missoula Airport Parking
Secure parking.

The fourth option for Missoula airport parking is Vigilante Parking on the Fly or  Vigilante is an off-site Missoula Airport Parking facility located just 1 mile for the Missoula International Airport.

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