Let Vigilante help you with storing your vehicle over the winter

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Long term parking in Missoula for the winter

In Montana, there are some cars that are just not fit for icy roads. Or you just simply don’t want to risk getting a rock chip on the windshield or chip on the paint. Some cars just are not meant for cold weather driving. The best thing to do is let your car hibernate until spring.

Vigilante detail can help you get your vehicle winterized

The first step to storing your car is to get it detailed. Wash it, wax it, shine up the chrome, get rid of tree sap and oil, and get all the trash out of it. One worry to keep in mind is the possibility of mice invading your car. To deter a mouse you can put a sock in your tail pipe, and then place Bounce dryer sheets inside of your car. Moth balls inside of socks on the inside and outside work too.

Vigilante Parking can help you with maintenance

Make sure your tire pressure is at the maximum tire pressure. If you know one of the tires has a slow leak be sure to replace it so that your car doesn’t end up resting fully on the rim, which will cause damage.

Next, is to make sure your fluids are good, which can be done by taking your car in for an oil change. They will make sure all the fluids are topped off and at the level where they should be. A fuel stabilizer will help make sure that moisture does not get into the tank and lines, and cause corrosion. Once you have the stabilizer and fluids where they need to be, take a ride around the block to make sure they all get circulated.

Vigilante knows batteries

There are two things you can do with the battery. You can remove it or place a battery tender on it. A battery tender will ensure that the battery stays at a full charge through the winter. Battery tenders can be purchased for under $50. Make sure that the one you purchase has an automatic shut-off so that it doesn’t over charge. Keeping your battery at a full charge will prolong its life and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it starting in the spring.
A car cover is a great idea, because it will keep dust off of it and keep out moisture, which will make you one step closer to hitting the road in a clean car come spring. There are many different types of car covers. If you are storing outside make sure that the cover is waterproof, and that it can be secured tightly enough to where it doesn’t blow away.
As long as all of the fluids are where they need to be then there is no need to start your vehicle up. If you do decide that you want to start it up once in a while then remember what you have to undo. Take out the sock, take the cover completely off, and undo the battery tender. If you decide to start it up once and while let it warm up to its operating temperature. This will allow the fluids to circulate, lubricate the parts, and get rid of any condensation.

Vigilante is Missoula’s long term airport parking facility

Are you a Montana snow bird, and thinking of going somewhere warm for the winter? Vigilante Parking on the Fly can take care of all of these details for you. We will get your car winter ready so you don’t have to worry about it.  Whether you are leaving town for a week or 6 months Vigilante is the place to store your car.

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