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What to expect when flying out of Missoula Airport

Missoula airport continues to grow.  With the addition of Frontier Airlines the number of available seats increased by 20%.  With the increased number of flights comes more passengers leaving and arriving from the airport.  The lines at security are surely to increase, and passengers will need to set more time aside to get through.

Missoula Airport Parking

The biggest hassle for most travelers is getting to and from the airport.  You could rely on a friend or a relative to get you to and from the airport, but this is more than likely going to put some hassle on the driver.  You could just park your car at the airport, but this should be the most concerning to you.  With the increase in passengers the long-term parking lot is usually at capacity, which means that you will have a pretty good walk to the ticket counters.  You will be walking enough when you get into the larger city airports on your transfer.  Plus, you are going to have to deal with the weather.  If there is a blizzard while you are gone you are going to arrive to a cold and snow covered car and hope that it decides to start for you.  Another risk with the full parking lot is someone dinging or denting your vehicle.  Who wants to brush snow off their car after a nice trip in Hawaii, and then still have to pay money to get out?

Vigilante Parking on the fly is your solution to Missoula Airport Parking.  Your car will be snow free.  You won’t have to worry about the ding or the dent.  Vigilant is located just 1 mile from the airport.  If you are worried about your car being in the elements while you are gone then keep it inside at Vigilante for less than you would pay at the airport.  Vigilante is Better airport parking.  Give us a try, you and your car will be happy you did!

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