About Us

Parking on the Fly's Mission:

Family owned and operated since 1973.  We were the second storage unit facility in the state of Montana, so we know about storage.  We care about our customers and we care about cars.

  • To use our resources, knowledge, and experience to create win/win relationships for our customers, employees, and suppliers in terms of growing compensation, service, and value.

  • To train and motivate our employees and to develop cooperation and communication at all levels.

  • Increasing positive feedback and recognition at all levels of the

  • To provide an environment of positive attitude and action to accomplish our vision

  • To earn the trust and respect of all we work with as being a company of honesty,
    integrity, and responsibility.

  • To conduct all our relationships with an emphasis on long-term mutual success and satisfaction, rather than short-term gain.

  • To be recognized as an exceptional leader in our industry and community.

  • To make our customers feel welcome, appreciated, and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do…each and every day.

  • To ensure that our customers’ vehicles are safe and secure.